Technologies. The solution to your sensing challenge: XperYenZ™ sensor systems. Paving the way for sensing applications that have never been possible before.

A novel way to 3D


XperYenZ™ sensor systems are based on innovative 3D sensing concepts and technologies. They determine distance from beam profile properties. Providing solutions beyond what other technologies like time-of-flight or triangulation can offer. XperYenZ™ systems add unequaled features to the world of 3D sensing.

XperYenZ™ sensor systems determine distance from beam profile properties
XperYenZ™ sensor systems determine distance from beam profile properties

Measuring in challenging lighting conditions


Demanding ambient light situations such as direct sunlight or areas with high dynamics, for example dark rooms with bright spots, do not affect measurements.


Measuring on challenging surfaces


Measurements with XperYenZ™ are possible on all kinds of surfaces. Including ones where other technologies struggle, like black textiles or metals. Giving a real advantage for applications such as metal processing, automotive production, and robotics.


Visible and infrared distance measurements


XperYenZ™ systems work with wavelengths from visible to infrared. We can provide the right light for your application.


Active or passive 3D sensing


XperYenZ™ sensor systems detect direct, reflected, or scattered light. Thus, you can use it for applications where the measurement target actively emits light or where light is projected onto the target. It even works with just scattered ambient light.


Independent and freely movable light sources


XperYenZ™ systems using active light sources can be freely arranged. Only the distance from the sensor to the target is measured. Moving the light source during the measurement does not impact it.  


Novel technology


Working on proprietary technology, XperYenZ™ can be your solution to a market currently out of reach due to competitive patents.

Tune your own XperYenZ™


3D sensing is a balance of multiple parameters like range, resolution, speed, and cost. Our XperYenZ™ technology portfolio allows us to tune these parameters to fulfill your requirements while keeping the system as lean as possible.

We can tune the sensing parameters to what’s most important to your application.